August 4, 2014

Planning For Writing: My Plan

Vintage image of young girl and plushy cat at a type writer
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    I try to write as much as I can.  However, I have been identifying problems over the years.  Actually I wouldn't even call them all problems.  It is more a matter of learning how my creativity and endurance works and using them and exercising them accordingly.  Especially in these times where I am pushing my ability on a regular basis, and even more so now with two major writing projects, I feel that I may benefit from more organization.  As such I set as one of  my August Try-Its to add more structure and planning to my writing habit.  

    The first thing I would like to try is to plan out what I am going to write more.  I already set aside time to plan ahead for the blog.  I think I could also use this time to plan out what I am going to try and work on each day.  Which posts will I work on?  What research and planning will I do? (For both blogging and my novel)  What scenes do I want to write?  I don’t imagine that these plans will be followed to a T.  But I may benefit from creating a plan.  

    Another issue I have run into is that I can burn out.  I still remember writing over five thousand words in one day for NaNoWriMo once.  I couldn't write a thing the following day.  I had exhausted myself.  I have had similar periods of exhaustion since I started the blog.  I would like to try setting aside one day a week to simply not write.  This sounds weird to me, yet I know that spending time not writing helps me recharge my creativity.  I may benefit  from a day off every week.  A day to just go out and play or stay in and read.  A day to hang out with friends or game.  

   So I have an idea to try out over the next few weeks.  I will create a 7 day writing work schedule for myself.  I will plan the next week the day before I take my day off, that way it won’t be worried about what I am going to do the next day.  I’ll see how well this works.  

    Do you plan out your writing or just fly by the seat of your pants?  


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