September 23, 2014

My 13 Autumn Goals: Enjoy Hobbies

    Summer is over and autumn is here!  That means pumpkin everything is coming!!!  And it means a new list of seasonal goals!  I have some great goals this season.  Are you going to participate and set your own goals?  Check out how here.  And of course please let me know about it!

    This season I want to finally get down to participating in some hobbies I have been putting off for too many years for too many different reasons.  Ones of those hobbies is sewing.  Which I have participated in, but no where near the amount that I would even consider a minimum.  The other I will be focusing on is doll house miniatures.  They are so adorable and sweet and cute.  They can also be creepy if you want.  Oh imagine how cute it would be to have a 1:12 scale replica of the Addams House.  Though I already have two major room box projects I have been turning over in my head.  What projects or hobbies have you been putting off?

    As for my list this season, let's start off at the top with the task that has been my main challenge for this year.  It is taking longer than I had hoped so I am going to keep working on it this season.

Image from The Graphics Fairy

Finish The Second Draft of My Novel

    I had set the goal at the beginning of the year to finish the third draft of my novel.  I had a lot of details to work out before I could start the second draft though.  And the second draft has not been speeding along.  As such I am now shooting to at least finish the second draft by December 20th.  This will take a lot of work and discipline on my part.  I am seriously thinking of rebelling during November and continuing on the project as my 50K words for NaNoWriMo.  That should get some great word count progress on the project.

Submit at Least Two Poems

    I have been writing poetry for a long time.  Probably around 15 years if not longer.  I only submitted pieces to the creative writing journal in High school and it has been years since I participated in the open mic at Ambrosia. (Which closed years ago.)  I think it is way past time to just write poetry.  It is time for me to submit poetry, for better or for worse.  Any suggestions on where?

Learn Five Autumn Themed Recipes

    Who doesn't like food?  And autumn has some wonderfully themed foods.  Just imagine all the pumpkin and spice.  And maybe I could learn to make mulled apple cider!! This season I aim to learn at least five new recipes.  Maybe I'll find a new favorite seasonal creation.

Attend at Least One Lolita Meet Up

    I have worn plenty of lolita all through out the summer, but the last meet-up I got to attend was our Summer International Lolita Day (ILD) Picnic.  Which actually happens in spring.  LOL ♪  So I haven't gone to a meet up all summer.  I'd like to make it to another meetup before our Winter ILD.

Learn to Work With Polymer Clay

    As I said, I want to get back into some hobbies that have been sitting on the shelf for years.  One of them is 1:12 scale miniature and doll houses.  I see all sorts of adorable things made with polymer clay.  Food is especially awesome!!  I'd like to learn to make my own little creations for my own doll house projects.  The first step is going to be to figure out what brand to use and what to attempt first.

Decorate for Autumn

    All the autumn things are available.  Pumpkins & squash, cinnamon brooms, and autumn colored flowers.  Time to have some creative fun and fill my home with the seasonal spirit.  I'd also like to pick up a great scented candle.

Vintage image of Eiffel Tower in Paris France
Image from The Graphics Fairy

Do All The French Lessons on Duolingo

    This is going to be another personally challenging one.  I have been studying French on and off.  I should make some noticeable progress if I finish all the lessons on Duolingo.  They are free and interactive.  Check them out if you are interested in learning another language.

Take a Walk  Three Times a Week With My Camera

    Meditative walks can be a great way to slow down and clear your head.  I also find I spot so many more photo opportunities on my walks that I wouldn't have noticed if I were on the bike.  So let's see if I get any good pictures this season.

Throw an Autumn Party

    My friends and I had fun back in February with the all forms of love celebration.  That was way too long ago.  Time to get together and have fun.  :D  Plus I will hopefully have some autumn decorations up by then.

Assorted craft supplies

Get Back in to Miniatures And Dollhouses

    I need to craft and create more.  This is a really ambiguous goal, but I really want to do it and I don't know what a reasonable amount to achieve would be.

Get Back in to Sewing Clothing

    Here is another very ambiguous goal.  I have a tub of fabric and several things I'd like to make.  I'd also like to expand my lolita wardrobe and start building a dandy wardrobe.  I also want some cute nightgowns and house dresses.  Let's see how much I can learn and sew in 13 weeks.

Donate to the Library

    Whether it is with time, money, or books, I'd like to donate to the library this season.

Save up and Go to the Renaissance Festival

    I will get to the Texas Renaissance Festival this year! TRF or Bust!

    That is my list for autumn.  And again I may have set my goals a bit high.  Oh well.  As long as I am striving right?  What are your goals this season?


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