September 3, 2014

Review: French Macarons

French Macarons

    I got to taste some delectable new treats available at the Portland, Texas HEB today.  In the bakery department they have french macarons  in six delicious flavors.  These adorable sweets would be a great addition to a tea party or as a special little treat.

    The pistachio has a light fragrant scent and a lovely pistachio flavor.  If you like pistachio ice cream or pudding you will like this macaron.

    The lemon had a bright smell and tasted like fruit loops.  The flavor was stronger than the subtle pistachio.
If you like big flavor this would be the one to try.

Apricot French Macarons.

    I love apricots as a fruit and as jam, so I was eager to taste the apricot macaron.  It had a good bright apricot taste to it and was one of the more aesthetically interesting of the treats.

    The raspberry was a soft pink color with a dark jam filling. It had a nice raspberry fruit flavor and a bright smell to it.  

    Then there were the two chocolates.  The white chocolate was lightly sprinkled with sesame seeds which added a very subtle taste to the treat.  It had a soft flavor much like the few macarons I have enjoyed in the past.  The after flavor was a lovely creamy white chocolate.

    Similarly, the chocolate macaron had a soft flavor followed up by a sweet creamy chocolate after flavor.

    All six of the different macarons had excellent flavors that lasted after the treat was gone.  My favorites were the pistachio and the apricot.  They are $1.28 each and the flavors are so worth it.  If you have never tried a french macaron before and you are in the Corpus Christi area of Texas, be sure to pop over the bridge to Portland to try these treats.

French Macarons



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