September 30, 2014

September Favorites

    September has been an interesting month with surprises and challenges.  Not to mention some great fun.  Took a road trip to attend a friends wedding.  That was a lot of fun.  Stopped in at a good gaming store on our way.  Yay new gaming dice.  Finally picked up a contact juggling ball.  And I am running a lolita fashion panel!  Yay!

My New Night Lights

    I decorated my bed chamber during summer and with that came the addition of some pretty, green string lights that look nicely whimsical.  They also as I have found function as an excellent night light(s).  The cool green color is not so bright as to keep me a wake, but enough that if I need to get up I can see around me.  Yay Night lights!

New Gaming Dice & Dragon's Lair

    On our trip up to Round Dock Texas, we stopped in San Antonio for food and to do a little shopping.  We were hoping to find a game store that served in at least table top supplies and was friendly to girl gamers.  There are sadly some shops (comic and gaming) that are not comfortable places for girls.  The Dragon's Lair was great!  A wide selection of comics and table top games.  Not to mention several expansions for the card game I love Gloom.  I didn't pick any up this time though.  They also had what we were looking for.  Dice!  Not only that the shop keeps were really helpful and friendly.  They opened up the case of dice sets so we could look at all of them.  I got a set called lustrous and my friend got a set called borealis.  They were both pretty sets.  I'd love to go back to the Dragon's Lair again.

Watching Far Lands or Bust!

    I loved watching Kurtjmac's journey to the Far Lands!  I had been missing it for months and thinking I needed to catch up.  Instead I decided to just pick up with the current episode and follow from there.  It has been a wonderful treat throughout my weeks this month.  I also love that he does some space news.

My First Real Contact Juggling Ball

    Look how pretty it is.  I even found a stand for it in the form of a cheap candle holder.

    The last thing I want to share from this month is that I was so excited to watch Sunday's episode of Once Upon A Time.  I even nerded out with a customer at work the other day over the excitement of the coming episode.

    How did your month go?  What were your favorites through out the month?


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