September 2, 2014

September Try-Its

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    Save for the first week with GISHWHES, August was a disaster for achieving goals.  This is due much in part to the scheduling of my day job which has me switching between nights and days twice a week and insufficient healthy habits on my part.  Writing came to a full stop for several days as my body and brain just sort of fell out on me.  Brainstorming and thinking through my novel has picked back up, yet the actual writing on my novel has yet to start up again.  I am far behind on many of my goals and though I am being forgiving toward myself I know that some things just have to change.  As such the first goal on this months Try-it list is . . .

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Try Out Different Health Habits

    As I said, I find my good, healthy habits to be insufficient.  I am fairly active.  I can barely go three days without riding my bike before I get a little stir crazy.  I love fruits and vegetables, but sometimes I don’t have the time or energy to prep things and will opt for quicker options.  But health to me isn’t just about eating and exercising.  Maintaining a good, healthy mood is important to me also.  I have to be careful or I can become very depressed and nothing gets done.  Worse I tend to stop eating when my mood dips very low.  So I want to try out some different habits and make other choices that will be good for my health.  Maybe set myself some challenges.  I want to find some habits that I can take into autumn and possibly incorporate into my 13 goals for autumn.  If you have any suggestions or advice I am all ears.  

Clean and Organize The Home for Autumn

    I like to clean before each season starts.  Why wait to do it only once a year?  There is way more to clean then.  This time though I'd like to finally get to some of those nitty gritty things I have been putting off and organize a few spots that really need it.  Some of the spots that will get extra attention or that have been put off are my work desk and my filing cabinet.  

Write 30K Words for my Novel  

    I am well behind on my novelling goals this year.  I need to pick back up where I left my poor characters and start building up steam.  I don’t want to set my goal too high, but I don’t want to lower my goals either.   So I will be going with the 30K I have been aiming for the last two months and try to build up to something faster as November approaches.  If you write, how is your writing going?  Do you have any particular writing goals for September?  

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Edit Existing Poetry

    I have a mess of first draft poems on my desktop just sitting around waiting to be edited.  It is time to pick those up and do something with them.  Maybe I will write them all out onto paper so that I can easily mark them up with edits, changes, and beats.  XD Poetry is fun!  

Learn to Budget

    Compared to some of the people I have known I am exceptionally good with money.  In the big picture though I find my own budgeting skill to be, much like my healthy habits, insufficient.  I want to take time this month to learn new habits with my money and actually putting in the time to budget my expenses fully rather than just the little work here and there that I already do.  If I find any good advice on budgeting I will be sure to share it with you.  If you know any good sources of info let me know.   

    I do believe I am biting off a lot this month, but these are things I am going to aim for rather than goals I intend to check off.  What are your goals and plans for September?  Are you going to join me in setting 13 personalized goals for the autumn season?  Autumn starts on the 23rd.  Look forward to more updates on the challenge.  

Tata for now.  



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