October 7, 2014

Making Progress A Little At A Time

    Realmscon is over and I am already working on my goals.  It was great to socialize with everyone at the convention, but now it is time to work.  Here is a short update on this months try-its.  

Contact Juggling Ball

   I actually practiced with my acrylic contact juggling ball at the convention.  There was a garden outside the convention center with a large grassy area where I was able to toy around with it.  A trio of young girls sat down to watch me for a bit.  My right hand is much better than my left.  I will have to do some more practice with my left and probably pick up my meditation balls again.  Those always improve my dexterity.

Play EVE online

    After getting back Sunday I started downloading +EVE Online.  It has been great to be playing again.  I am slowly working my way through the tutorial missions.  They seem well worth the time as they give you not only ISK (in-game money), but also equipment and skill books to use.   I finished the military missions last night and I am probably halfway through one of the others.

#lovetober & Pictures

    As for #lovetober, it turns out I can't sign up for Instagram without a device.  Oh well.  That one is a bust. I could always still take the pictures but number eight on my 13 Autumn goals already has me taking pictures.  I went on my first, though terribly short, walk yesterday evening and tried to capture the moon.  

1:12 scale & Polymer Clay

    I have started to read up on polymer clay and planing for miniature doll houses.  I have very little idea which clay to start off using.  I think I want to find a series of really good tutorials.  

    How is your month going?  Are you getting things done?  What are they?


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