October 1, 2014

October Try-Its

    This month is going to start out busy.  I am prepping for a convention this weekend.  Most of my goals are going to wait for the weekend to be over.  It seems to be a theme lately that I have something at the start of the month.  Not a bad thing either.  Trip to west Texas, GISHWHES, a friends wedding.  It has all been fun. I have set myself some lofty bars this month.  And here they are.  

Contact Juggling

    I have the tool.  Now it is time to get some practice in.  It shouldn't be hard since I keep the acrylic ball out on display.  Not in direct sunlight though.  I can even go out on the grass and practice.  (I will be less likely to break something that way)  There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube.

Sew Bags

    I have a new set of dice and an acrylic contact juggling ball.  Both need bags to go in, especially if I want to take them places.  So in October I want to sew up two bags.  They don't have to be large, and I do want them to have drawstrings.  But what fabric to use?  

Find a Polymer Clay

    I have decided I want to learn to use polymer clay to make delicate little creations.  Maybe I can even make little miniature sweets to match the ones I already make in the kitchen.  The first thing I am going to need to do is to figure out which brand of clay I want to use.  There is lots of information out there on the different brands and how they work.  I will have to read through a good bit of that.  I will also need to see what is available to me and the pricing.  Though the internet can make this much easier as I could have the clay delivered to my door.  Yay for internet.  The next thing I will have to do is to get some clay in my hands.  I'd love to start playing with the clay, but my primary task this month for this particular goal will be to get some clay.

Start Playing EVE Online  

    At this point I am dying to get back into multi player gaming.  And I am dying to get back into a frigate and explore the stars.  +EVE Online is awesome and I miss playing it.  I have decided that I will get the trial to start off with and then do the paid subscription.  But only after the convention.  I am super excited to get back into gaming and I already know which of the four factions I am going to play.  Minmatar!

Write Like the Wind

    As per my 13 seasonal goals and my year's goals, I want to finish the second draft of my project this season.  That is going to take a lot of writing.  It is also going to take dedication and discipline.  Not to mention more than a few days of just being unsocial.  I am going to set an even loftier goal for my word count.  45k words.  


    Gala Darling has some great ideas for radical self-love!  This month I am getting on Instagram and trying out this radical self-love challenge.


    Another one that will work toward my 13 Autumn goals.  I want to study french on Duolingo this month and finish all the lessons up to occupations if I can.  This is going to take a lot of time too.  That is in the vicinity of 20 chapters.  Each chapter has about four or five short lessons.  

    Those are the things I am going to aim for this month.  Aim.  I really would love to achieve them, but aim sounds like a less intimidating goal.  So, what is on your list of goals this month?


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