October 30, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Asexual Awareness Week

    NaNoWriMo is coming.  I don't feel like I have done enough to properly prepare for it, but it is coming none the less.  It has been a rough week.  So much stress.  I should probably take a nice long bath or something.

    There have still been adolescent kittens running around the complex.  they are a bit skittish, but adorable none the less.  There was also a small kitten on the patio area earlier today.  I left the little cuttie some water.  Here are some of the things I loved this week.

    It is asexual awareness week and if you did not already know I am an asexual aromantic.  You can learn more about the asexual spectrum at AVEN the Asexual Visibility and Education Network.  You can also learn more at Asexual Awareness Week.  Asexual awareness week runs from October 26 - November 1st. 

    That is my week.  How is your's going?  


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