October 9, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Nerding Out

    I had a lot of fun at the convention this weekend.  It was a great opportunity to socialize with people I rarely get to see and even meet new people.  I also got to nerd out with the steam punks and other geeks.  it was a lot of fun.
  • Seeing all the girls from the lolita community at Realmscon
  • Seeing friends at the con
  • Getting to take a picture of a gender bent Sailor Jupiter.  He even had the right kind of earrings.  His costume was so good.  He wore green pants and a pink belt instead of a skirt and bow.  I thought it was a great interpretation.  
  • Watching Bones. 
  • Finally getting my hands on a Tessen, War fan.  It is red.  
  • I found out about this great post The Recipe for Outstanding Creative Productivity from reading Lacy's TiLT post last week.  
  • 8tracks this week are:
  • Hanging out with steam punks.  
  • Getting to see Infanta clothing and Fanplusfriend clothing in person.  
  • Practicing with my contact juggling ball
  • Not having to work the day after the convention and being able to rest and recuperate.  
  • Talking to people who understand the troubles of being an introvert
  • This miniature paper dress.  
  • 30 Things To Do In Fall by Gala Darling 
  • This poetry --> G. Yamazawa - "Elementary" 
  • Having a moment where you feel accepted and relaxed.  
  • Nerding out with others.  
  • Reading other peoples TiLT lists
  • Finally getting my business cards in.  XD

    That is all for this week.  I know I have missed things, it was such a great week.  How did your's go?


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