November 13, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Hanging Out With Writing Friends

    This week has been up and down as far as mood goes.  It has also been a roller coaster with my writing too.  But I am currently on the up and feeling pretty good too.  I hope I can look forward to lots of more words add to my count this month and maybe some opportunities to tackle some of my other 13 Autumn Goals.  If you'd like to see where I currently stand with my word count look to the left side of my blog for the NaNoWriMo widget.  Meanwhile here are some of the things I loved this week.
  • Getting to spend time with a friend I haven't seen in a long time
  • Getting to chatter about my story to a fellow writing friend to the point that I became reimersed in the story and characters
  • Chai all the chai
  • Seeing Book of Life 
  • Writing 
  • SciShow 
  • Chocolate
  • Write-ins  
  • Book stores 
  • A little lizard that got in the house and once I caught it it was chilling in my hand till I got it outside.  So cute.  
  • 8tracks this week:  
  • Tiny globe from World Market
  • Writing over the course of six hours with another Nanoer to up our word counts
  • Seeing a snail on the sidewalk.  Such a cutie.  
  • Brownies as a reward 
    That was my week.  How was your's?  


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