November 17, 2014

Writing: Dealing With Stress

Vintage photo of young girl and a cat plushie at a typewriter.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    Writing among many things has been rather difficult lately.  Between a crazy work schedule at my day job, health issues, and other stresses it has been trying.  I have had some successes with my writing for this years NaNoWriMo and some great bursts of enthusiasm.  I am still aiming to win.  I am still aiming to finish.  I can't lose sight of my goal, yet it is so easy to succumb to stress and escapism.  

    I find I tend to turn to escapism when I get too stressed.  This is terrible during a project like NaNoWriMo.  However I find some sense of control in knowing what I do when I am stressed.  Do you know what your reactions to stress are?  Of course escapism is not my only reaction.  But escapism has been one of my biggest problems this November.  The other one being oversleeping.  Terrible oversleeping that I have trouble waking from.  But knowing these as my two major problems I can now plan what to do to prevent them and counter them when they come up.

    Meditation and breathing exercises have always served me well.  They served me even better when I made them a regular part of my everyday life.  These can be very simple practices or very involved.  There are lots of resources out there on the internet or in your local library.

    Diet and exercise can also be very important to stress management and health.  I know it is true for me.  I am going to try to eat better and take my vitamins.

    How are you going to manage your way through the second half of November and NaNoWriMo?



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