December 16, 2014

13 Seasonal Goals: Winter

Vintage drawing of woman and children walking through snow.
Image from Antique Images

    With less than a week of autumn left winter will soon officially be here in the northern hemisphere.  So it is time to construct another thirteen goals to work on for the thirteen weeks of winter.  Are you up for joining me in this challenge?  Are there some goals you'd like to work toward or activities you'd like to try out?

    The 13 Seasonal Goals Challenge is a challenge I created with the help of some of my friends.  In this fast paced world it is easy for us to put things off until "we have more time" and to not notice the loveliness of the world as it passes us by.  Some of the aims of this challenge are to try new things, take part in the current season, and to spend time with our friends.

    Are you interested?  Then keep reading.

    To create your own list for this winter, or for any season, you make up thirteen separate goals to work on over winter.  Winter (or summer in the southern hemisphere) runs from  December 21 till March 19.

    There are 8 parameters to help guide the list creation and to also keep your list diverse.

  • 1 goal needs to be difficult or personally challenging
  • 1 financial goal 
  • 1 goal needs to benefit someone else (an act of kindness, volunteer work, donation, etc.)
  • 1 goal should be something you are doing for the first time.   
  • At least 2 goals should involve a group or being social. 
  • 3 of the goals should be based on the season 
  • 3 goals need to be creative 
  • 3 goals need to make you smile. (there is no sense in setting so many goals and not even getting the benefit of some happiness out of some of them)

    Remember that you are only creating 13 goals.  Each one of those goals can fulfill more than one of the above parameters.  The list can also be as easy or challenging as you like.  Think of what you are capable of, but don't be afraid to challenge yourself.  

    So are you in for this challenge?  Need some help coming up with goals?  Here are some delicious links to chew on:  

    Also remember that the new year is coming up.  I am going to take that into account when I create my list.   Do you have goals you want to work on in 2015?  What could you start on to help them along? 

    So will you be joining me in this fun challenge?


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