December 25, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Hours of Minecraft

    This week is good.  It has had it's frustrations, but it has overall been a happy week.  I am glad for that too.  I feel like my mood has been on the up and even when it has taken dips this week I have been able to manage it.  I also got a few days off from the day job so I hoping to get a good amount of writing worked on.  It will also be nice because I can put the stresses of my day job out of my mind for a little bit.  I am looking forward to getting some sunlight and exercise.  I hope your week is also going well.  Here are some of the things I loved this week.
  • Playing Minecraft.  Seriously it is so much fun with friends!  Especially when you can share what you have found, built, or just be silly.  Flower dueling! LOL  
  • The wave of relaxation from petting kitties.  
  • My new poinsettia.  It is so small and cute.  
  • Taking time for tea in my living room.  
  • Waiting for a delivery that I am ubber excited about.  
  • And as such my Gothic & Lolita Bible #54 
  • Decorating my Yule Tree
  • Hazelnut Hot Chocolate 
  • 8tracks this week include: 
  • The apartment cat trying to convince me to let him come inside.  
  • Celebrating the Winter Solstice.  
  • An oil plug in scent that makes me think of fresh linens. Lavender and vanilla.  ♥ 
  • Playing hours of Minecraft
  • Teaming up with a friend to explore both the over world and the neather in Minecraft 
  • Sleeping next to a friend 
  • Having a gaming group to play with.  
  • Watching episodes of Bones and Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Taking time to relax and read
  • Flowers
  • Making fruit smoothies with my breakfast.  
  • Amanda Fucking Palmer!!!!!!!! She is AWESOME!!!!! 
  • Biting the head of a giraffe shaped waffle and seeing my friends baby do the same.  He didn't get it from me.  He is always chewing on the foot or head of this little plushie giraffe he has.  
    It has been a good week.  What ever it is you celebrate I hope you are having fun and being safe.  



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