December 18, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Kitties and Minecraft

    It started out as a rough week.  I had a terribly low mood through the weekend and I had trouble focusing on things.  The last few days have been better.  I have also done a good bit of writing and brainstorming.  I also got to hang out with a friend and we played a whole lot of Minecraft.  Here are some of the things I loved this week.
  • Clean clothes
  • Up days
  • Collaborating in Minecraft 
  • 8tracks this week:  
  • Petting kitties.  It is so relaxing. 
  • Lolita fashion 
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Inspired writing sessions
  • Waking up before my alarm
  • Flowers
  • Music
  • Drawing little happy suns
    I hope things keep looking up.  How is your week going?  


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