December 11, 2014

Things I Love Thursday: Making Changes For The Better

    This week feels like it has flown by.  And I am very aware as to why.  My day job has been having me work both overnight shifts and various day shifts for at least six months now.  The shifts are sometime confusingly close together.  I am not always sure when to eat or sleep and I know it has been affecting my health.  Not to mention the quality of my writing and the time I am able to commit to my art & studies.

    So I adjusted my hours of availability for 2015.  I should have done it much sooner.  I am hoping my perpetual exhaustion and a few of the other troubles I have been dealing with will get better with a far more regular sleep schedule.  But even this week has had some great times.

  • I got ten minutes of long needed back massage.  It was fabulous.  
  • I got to take a few hours after a particularly rough work day to decompress watching episodes of Bones and Once Upon A Time.  
  • Peppermint cocoa.  
  • Hanging out at my friends.  Playing with her baby, petting her kitties.  =^..^=   =^ .. ^=   
  • Reading time.  
  • Taking time to brainstorm for the blog and not rushing.  
  • People watching.  
  • Bouncing writing ideas off of a friend.  
    It is a short list this week, but it has felt like a short week.  Hopefully things will level out as my schedule gets more reasonable.  How has your week been?  


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