January 2, 2015

January Try-Its

    A new year and a new month have begun.  There are many things I'd love to do and try this year.  Places I'd love to finally go, or go again.  And friends I want to see more often.  This month I really want to try to . . .

  •
     I'd like to try keeping a habit of reading at least a little everyday.  Not for a class, but for myself.  I enjoy reading and I have been reading often lately.  It is very relaxing.  So for my own pleasure I want to keep this habit.

  • Practice on the violin. 
    I start back at my violin lessons at the end of the month.  I want to be ready for them.  I'd like to focus on getting all the songs I knew earlier last year back under my fingers.  And maybe even learn two or three extra.

  • Clean and organize the office and library.
    Seriously!  It is not like it is dirty or gross.  It is just messy and disorganized.  I don't know where most things are.  There are piles of papers on the floor and things that have yet to find a home.   I have been putting it off too long.

  • Prep for tax season.  
    If you live in the United States you are probably aware that tax time is coming.  I am trying to get better at this part of being an adult.  I want to make sure I have all my paper work together before the W2 gets here.  Yay for being an adult.  lol

    Those will be my try-its this month.  How about you?  What are you going to work on this month?


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