January 4, 2015

My 13 Winter Goals

My 13 Winter Goals

    Well it took some work to put this list together.  The autumn was especially trying.  I didn't achieve many of my goals and had difficulty getting through the days.  Fortunately, I have already made one change that should make life more productive and reasonable.

    I had been working both during the days and on overnight shifts at my day job.  The constant switching between sleep schedules was killing me and making anything outside of my day job nearly impossible.  Yet I still managed to win NaNoWriMo.  Yay!  In other happy news, (which is the change I have made) I am no longer doing overnight shifts at my day job.  That means I can actually sleep at the same time every day.  Or at least reasonably the same time every day.

      I also tried not to over do it with my goals.  I tend to aim a bit too high.  I tried to whittle them down and I think I did good.  I even have one finished already.  Well on to my list!

Save up for & Buy a Chest Binder

    I don't really mention it here on the blog often.  I am not sure if I have actually ever brought it up here.  I am gender fluid.  That means that from day to day I may feel like a different gender than I did the day before.   You can get a little more info on this at the Wikipedia page for Genderqueer.  There are plenty of other sources of info on the topic, but this can serve as a small intro.

    Anyway, I don't always feel feminine and I don't always feel comfortable with my chest area.  Getting my first binder has been a standing goal for some time now.  Getting one will help me achieve a flatter appearance and continue to explore my own gender expression.

Donate Something

    There are several places I would love to donate to, but sometimes there are also donation drives that go up suddenly for people in need in the community.  This season I want to donate to something.  Nothing in particular, but something.

Throw another After Valentine's Party 

    Last year I had a small party for some of my friends after Valentine's day.  Not an anti-Valentine's party, it was a love party.  It was to celebrate love.  All forms of love.  Romantic love, friend love, family love, pet love, and very importantly self-love.  It was a great deal of fun and I got to introduce some of my friends to each other.  I would really enjoy throwing another of these parties. 

Create My First Shironuri Outfit 

    I was first introduced to Shironuri by Lacy and Chantel.  It is beautiful and artsy.  For some time I have thought of trying out the style.   I'd like to create a coordinate in this style.  This will be my new thing to try, but it will also get me to work on some of the skills I already have.  Like sewing and crafting.  It will most definitely expand my knowledge in make up too.

Participate in A Month of Letters Challenge

    I had a good bit of fun with this challenge last year, however a couple days into February I got injured at work.  I was not allowed to stand for more than thirty minutes in any given hour and this made getting around very difficult.  It made it very trying to do any more walking in any day than I absolutely had to.  Heck it made getting around my home difficult.  I am all better now and hopefully it will stay that way.  I am hoping that this year I can do even better and finish the challenge instead of just participating.  Maybe I can even pick up a few pen pals along the way. Plus who doesn't love some none junk snail mail.

Attend a Meet Up With the Local Lolita Community 

    I love that there is finally a community in my area.  It can be so lonely to be a lone lolita.  But between work and transportation I don't get to hang out with them very much.  Sad face.  I hope I can make it to a meet up this season. 

Spend at least an Hour Each Day working on my Novel

    One of my aims for this year is to actually finish this project.  I have been working on it for some time now and there is always something to distract me or something that is "more important at the time."  It has taken a lot of effort for me to demand my art time.  I want to work on this project every day if I can.  I really love what I am working on and I know I tend to get out of the mind set if I go too long without immersing myself in the work.  So this season I want to re-immerse myself and get some good headway.

Plan a Trip to Anime Matsuri

    Anime Matsuri is one of the big events I'd like to attend this year.  I wasn't able to go the last two years, so I'd really like to make it this year.  It is going to take some serious planning to make that happen, not to mention coordinating and hopefully creating some great outfits for the event.  Tickets seem to need to be purchased by the first of February though so I best get on it.

Start using HabitRPG Again

    This app/game was super helpful for me.  I had to stop using it though since my schedule was getting too insane.  My schedule is going to be more predictable this year.  Getting back to using this app should help me to create and keep some good habits.  I also need to go through the things I have on the app and change them to match my life now and the goals I have set for myself.

Study French For at least 5 hours a Week

    Another one of my aims this year or rather a goal for the year is to finally speak French.  I will work on this by trying to study for five hours a week.  DuoLingo has been super helpful.  But I have to make the time for it.  I also have some super cute books that I have picked up.  Maybe I'll post about those some time.

Finish Reading a Book

    This one is pretty straight forward.  I like reading, but I tend to put it off too much.  So I want to finish reading at least one book this season.

Decide on Goals For 2015

    Well I think I have pretty much finished this one already.  I took time to think about the things I wanted to achieve in 2015.  There may be a little more to think about though.  Some of the big ones I want to do this year though are:

  1. Finish my novel
  2. Learn to play vibrato on the violin
  3. Speak French 

Clean out and Organize the Office and Library area of my Home

    Yeah this is a long over due chore.  Also I'd like to create some kind of system on my desk for incoming and outgoing things.  Like mail and bills.  A lot more organization in here would be nice.

    Those are my 13 goals for this winter.  On a side note would you call it winter 2014 or 2015?  It goes through both and it starts in 2014.  But it is mostly in the later year.  Anyone know the answer?

    Have you created a list of goals for this season?  It is not to late to start.  Here is how to create your own list.  Some of my friends are also creating their own lists.  You should totally check out Lacy's list at Night Lights and Day Dreams and Chantel's list at Strangely Chantel.  If you do decide to join us in this fun adventure, don't be shy.  Let us know what you want to try and what you want to achieve.

Tata for now,


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