January 15, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Ocelot!

Things I Love Thursday

    The week has been rather nice.  A bit stressful at work, but that is common with many jobs.  I got some errands done with the help of a friend.  The weather was a bit chilly and wet all week.  Great weather to sleep into.  I rarely got to hear it rain while I was in bed though that is one of my favorites.  The sound of the rain drops pelting on the walls and glass.  It is so soothing.

  • Listening to Thrice
  • Practicing French and having things finally click rather than just memorizing.  Seriously I think I am finally understanding some of this, but it is hard to explain at this point.  May be as I get better I will figure out how to explain it.  lol.  :P
  • Meditating.  I have finally been getting back into this practice.  I am only doing a few minutes at a time, but I am planning on doing longer sessions.  
  • Scented nail polish 
  • Flowers. 
  • Balloons. 
  • Cozy bedding.  
  • 8tracks this week have included some French:  
  • Another link shared in a gender queer group I am in: WATCH: MSNBC Tells a Trans Businesswoman of Color's Success Story 
  • Pinning on pinterest as though I have nothing else to do.  lol 
  • Brainstorming my shironuri outfit 
  • Hanging with friends.  
  • Finally sitting down to work out some of the timeline issues out of my novel.  
  • And on that note the pride in myself for turning down an invitation I wanted to accept so I could make my personal deadlines.  
  • Getting to play more Minecraft. Vanilla and modded.  
  • The perks of being a regular at places. (ProTip: Be nice.) 
  • Fuzzy animal!  I ♥ fuzzy animals.  
  • Playing with my friends baby.  lol  We have this game where I push the baby in his little walker really fast through the house.  He seems to really love it and will laugh and swing his arms as he tries to keep up.  I get tired way before he does.  
  • Cadbury mini eggs.  I may have a small addiction to these things.  So tasty! :D 
  • Finishing a book! And as such finishing one of my 13 Winter Goals.  
  • "The Art of Asking" by Amanda Palmer was a great read.  Bonus on the fact that I got to go see her and get a signed copy!!!!!! 
  • Minecraft Plushies.  Especially the ocelot.  I like to make it shake the squid like a dog with a tow and then get the baby to tug on the other end of the squid.  Training the kid to play with the dog using Minecraft plushies.  
  • Jamming out to oldies ♫ 
    Even with the troubles that I have had, I feel good thinking about the lovely things from my week.  What in your week have you enjoyed?  


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