February 11, 2015

A Slice of Life & Letters

    It has been a good and busy month so far.  I have moved into a new home and I am still getting things sorted out.  But I have been having a lot of fun too.  

    The local Lolita community has been having regular mini meet ups each week.  It is a lot of fun to be able to hang out with them.  It also gives me even more reason to wear lolita. (not that I really ever need a reason) Everyone has such lovely wigs and I haven't worn mine in a while.  I'd like to get more wigs myself.  I saw a really cute one on SpreePicky and there is an etsy shop I'd like to try out.  Fashion wigs are just so much fun.  I can't wait till the next meet up.

    If you haven't heard already it is The Month of Letters.  I haven't sent out mail every day the post has been open, but I have sent several.  I even sent my first piece of international mail yesterday.  It is super fun to get mail too.  I have been using stickers on the Mail I have been sending out.  I am a little low on wax and I have to order it.  I have been using some cute cat and mouse stickers so far, but yesterday I got some pretty birds. I also got an adorable card from one of my friends yesterday and I am sending her something cute today.

    Books.  Almost all of my books are still in boxes.  I went to the library yesterday with a friend to get some reading material.  I am excited to read Mary Robinette Kowal's book Valour and Vanity.  I loved the first three books in the series and I am looking forward to loosing myself again.  As for the books in the boxes the spacing for books is going to have to be thought out and reorganized.  So that is part of the reason they have not just been tossed on shelves yet.

    That is a taste of how my month is going and some of what I am up to.  How is your month going so far?



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