February 28, 2015

February Favorites of 2015

    It has been a pretty interesting month.  It has been awesome and rough.  I moved to a new home and am still in the process of settling in.  I got to do a lot of stuff with some of the people I consider family though.  And I have sent lots and lots of mail.  Even some international.  I have made some progress in several goals and made some important improvements in my life.

    I did a lot this month.  I tried some new things.  Here are some of my favorites from the month.


    I got my hands on a Mister Lincoln Rose plant.  I have been wanting one of these for years!!!! Years!!!! They are large, bold, deep red roses with a very fragrant smell.  I absolutely must thank the wonderful friends I am living with.  We also got an Angel Face rose plant.  We are going to try and get an iceberg rose bush from one of the local plant shops.  The Angel face and the Mister Lincoln are both planted.  I hope they do well and I will have to take lot's of pictures when the first blooms come in.

    I found a carnation that had broken off one of the bouquets at the store this month.  It was going to be tossed so they let me pin it to my hat.  Carnations are hardy flowers.  This lovely little purple flower looked great in my hat for almost a whole week with no water.  Wow!  I also got some pictures of a tree covered in little purple flowers.  They look pink in the picture above.  I will have to share more of the pictures I took.


    If you are not aware, February 15th is discount chocolate day.  Do I really need to say any more?


    I have been taking more pictures and I am loving it.  I took a ride out on the bike, all bundled up, just to take pictures.  I found out that there are no postcards for Portland Texas and I decided to go looking for some of the best shots I could take of the city.  I found some great shots, but once the weather clears up I am hoping to get some better shots with the blue sky in the background and the many turbines spinning just beyond the city.  It will be even better once we start to get the gorgeous wild flowers and the fields of blue bonnets.

Food & Tea

    My family and I went to the International food festival at the beginning of the month.  It was delicious and beautiful.  We all got to try foods from different places and we shared bites from each.  We also got a lot of baklava.  MMMM :)  I missed out on the mango lassi they had there, but I have had the chance to try it before.  It is delicious.  I hadn't yet started taking lots of pictures and I realized there that my camera's batteries were dying.  :(  I can't remember the names of the foods we had and I wish I had written them down or taken pictures of the signs.  We got some great rice pudding and chai.  Oh my gods the chai was so wonderfully strong and spicy.  It was the second annual, so I am hoping to make it next year.

    The lolita community here has been having meetups every week.  It has been so much fun to see them and get all dolled up.  We have also gone to some different food places.  Num num.  And I have enjoyed so much tea.  Chai, Earl Grey, Jasmine.  mmm

Anime & Comics

    It is nice to try out new anime on Hulu and Netflix.  I liked The Devil Is a Part-Timer! enough that I am thinking of looking to see if there is a manga.  I also discovered that there is a second season of Kamisama Kiss!  I started reading this before it was licensed.  I love it so much!!! eeeeeee!!!!  I am going to rewatch season one so I remember the difference in the anime and the manga and then start watching the second season.

    Years ago I picked up a comic at the library called Runaways.  I really wanted to read the rest of it.  But I wasn't able to get a hold of the comic because of finances.  I got a hold of it this month thanks to my friend at the comic shop.  Runaways: The Complete Collection 

    So my month has been splendid and fun.  I hope your moth was fun too.  I am hoping for more fun and adventure in March.  How was your month?  Are you looking forward to anything in March?



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