February 1, 2015

February Try-Its

Color drawing of  a pink vintage fan displaying a winter scene.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    In the chaos of my busy January I still managed to knock out some of my goals.  And at least do part of some of them.  Having to box up my whole home pretty much took care of the cleaning the office and the library.  My desk is up and my computer set.  That makes life seem more organized already.  Now I just need to organize the desk in a way that I like.   This month I will try to . . .

  • Create an organized set up on my desk 
  • Participate in the Month of Letters Challenge
  • Organize my new room 
  • Learn and experiment with shironuri art and fashion  

    I have my work cut out for me this month.  I have help with the room though.  Hopefully we can get it in a working order soon.  

    What are you working on this month?  And are you going to try out the Month of Letters Challenge?

    Off to clean and organize now.  Tata!  

 Till later, 


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