February 12, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Going Places

    The weekend was great!  I got to go to two different events and I scored a new pashmina and a fabulous quartz necklace.  It has still been a busy and a bit exhausting but that is life.  Here are the things I loved this week.

  • My violin instructor explained a little bit about vinyl records and sizes and players.  
  • Playing with my nephew.  
  • Mailing and receiving letters.  
  • All the lolita meets I have actually been able to attend.  
  • Seeing all the balloons and flowers out for Valentine's Day.  
  • Chocolate.  
  • Tea.  
  • Exploring with flight in the Neather (Minecraft).  
  • Going to the Asian Market.  
  • Getting to go to art walk with some of the friends I consider family.  
  • Also going to the International Food Festival with the same group.  
  • Adding a new pashmina to my collection.  
  • Picking out stickers.  
  • Music.  
  • Books.  
  • Slowly getting into the swing of things.  
  • Lychee ice cream.  
  • 8tracks this week include:  
  • I am really loving this tumblr.  I really should get a Tumblr account if for nothing other than following people.  
  • Look how adorable this pink wig is.  Too bad it is out of stock.  
  • Why aromanticism matters for the entire asexual community 
  • Be The Best Valentine 
  • This tumblr post on The Book of Life.  
  • Getting in the zone with a skill.  that space where it is like nothing else exists.  
  •  Hanging out with people I resonate with.  
  • Getting to see friends.  
  • Brainstorming.  
  • Inspiration.  
  • Party planning.  
  • Reading in bed before going to sleep.  
    Valentine's Day is coming up and there is a whole lot of emphasis on romantic love.  But don't forget about all the other forms of love out there.  ♥ 



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