February 9, 2015

Writing Frustrations: Moving and Boxes

Vintage photo of a small girl siting at a typewriter with a toy cat.
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    So I have moved and many of my things are still in boxes.  Seriously there are piles of boxes that still need to be sorted through.

    I know what writing projects to work on, but I feel some stagnation.  During NaNoWriMo it is often suggested to not clean instead of writing.  I have heard the advice other places too.  But I wonder, is there a point at which you need to clean and organize to clear your mind enough to write?

    I think part of the problem is that several of my notes and tools are in some of those boxes.

    But a lot of my stuff is digital and in my head.  All the folders and things are not necessary.  But they are helpful.

    It may also be that the task is bothering me so much that it is hard for me to focus.  I have to get through the boxes, both to fully move in and to be respectful of my house mates.  No one likes stuff everywhere.

    Of course we all have none writing things to do each day.  The animals wont feed themselves and the dishes won't wash themselves.  I need to work on the cleaning and organizing as I finish moving in.

    But that shouldn't mean that I stop writing.  Maybe it is all the change that is bothering me.  I no longer have a set routine.  Though with the constant switching shifts last year it was rather difficult to have routines at all.

    Perhaps it is a good time to start doing morning pages everyday again.  There is also time and space here to get meditation time.  I think it may be a combination of things that are bothering me.  I would say it is a form of writers block.

    Has anything been keeping you from working on your creative work?  How have you handled it?  Or are there any ways you'd like to try handling it?



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