March 20, 2015

10 Spring Activities To Enjoy This Year

Image from Antique Images

    Spring is here!  Time to do a little extra cleaning.  Or maybe plant something.  Or put on a little extra make-up in some lovely spring colors or themes.  Or dance!!! And maybe just maybe all of the above.

   I love to celebrate the seasons.  I love taking in all the little details the world has to offer.  It is way to easy (and I am guilty of it) to lose yourself to the day to day.  To drown in the daily grind and lose sight of things.  Let's all enjoy spring for what it has to offer.  So what are some things we can do in spring?

    Here are ten things I came up with to do during spring.
Image from The Graphics Fairy
  1. Plant something. 
  2. Go looking for wildflowers.  
  3. Make your own flower crown.  
  4. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk.  
  5. Do some spring cleaning.  
  6. Donate things you don't use anymore and comb the thrift stores for some creative new decorations and clothes.  
  7. Take a walk in the park with a friend and take pictures.  
  8. Fly a kite.  
  9. Dance.  Really.  Dancing is fun and you can do it anywhere. 
  10. Blow bubbles.  
    Now it is your turn.  I am tagging you.  Come up with ten activities to do for spring.



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