March 14, 2015

Slice of Life: Selfies, Sewing, and Lolita

"The Internet Is For Cats" over the image of a cat

    There are so many things that go on in our lives.  here are a few of the lovely things I have been up to lately.  Get ready for a little slice of life.  :P

    One of the groups I am in on Facebook does Selfie Sunday.  One of the members was feeling really dysphoric so they made an avatar for their selfie this week.   They used Rinmaru Games to create their avatar and many of us followed suit.  It was a lot of fun.  Here is the avatar I created.  I am super happy with how it came out.  I liked how it could either be male or female.

    I made out like a bandit with the supplies I have been gathering for my shironuri outfits.  That's right I already have two outfits planned.  I snagged the perfect fabrics and supplies on sale.  I am super excited and I already paid for my Anime Matsuri weekend pass.  There is still lots of planning and work to do.  Ah it will be good to get down to sewing again.  I have grown less confident with all the time that has passed.

    On the subject of sewing.  My friend got me a lovely grey infinity scarf covered in music notes and clefs.  I want to create a lolita dress to go with it.  I am seriously thinking of doing this as one of my spring goals.  I am already dreaming up the design.  The colors, the sleeves.  I need to draw up a design and figure out how to make it, but I will finish the shironuri outfit first.

    That is all for today.  See ya'll later.



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