March 13, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Even Rough Weeks Have Good Times

Green banner reading, "Things I Love Thursday" Over a background of roses and stars.

    I just spent several minutes on the kitchen floor with one of the kitties here in my lap.  She was so cudly and soft.

    The week was exhausting.  I crashed halfway through Wednesday and didn't realize I needed to sleep.  I slept so well last night once I did lay down.  There was a lot of fun though.  There was plenty of stress and annoyances, but it is good to remember the good stuff too.

    Here is a funny story.  We went looking for the DMV. :D That is always fun.  First we went to where Google Maps said it was.  All the other offices were there.  It made sense.  We weren't sure which of the buildings it was in so we were going to ask someone.  I figured the sheriff's office would know.  The receptionist gave us some directions to the next building.  Yay!  That was easy.  We finally get there.  With a stroller in tow we had to go all the way around for the ramp.  We got in.  I got in line and found out we were at the wrong place.   . . .

    The lady at the counter gave me some directions that headed out of town.  Way out of town.  I asked if she had an address so we could use the directions on the phone.  She didn't.  She had told me it was across from another place so my friend searched that place on her phone.  We got the directions.  We headed out.  It took some time to get to the place.  There were some run down buildings across from the cemetery the woman had mentioned.  So we continued down the road to see if it was further down.  There wasn't much of anything.  We locked the doors.  The road was coming to a dead end and there we found the training center for fire fighters.

   Where the heck is the DMV?   We gave up for the day.  We couldn't take anymore and neither of us had had breakfast.  My friend said it best.  "The day got better when we couldn't take it anymore."  Bonus we finally found the location of the DMV.  

    And now for all the sparkly happy things.

I am doing GISHWHES again this year.  It was so amazing and exciting!  You should try it out too.

    And that is my list for this week.  It is a little after Thursday now, but oh well.  How did your week go?  Have any adventures or misadventures to share?



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