March 17, 2015

Writing Requires Writing

Image from The Graphics Fairy

    It has been too long since I worked on the writing of my novel.  There was a plot issue I had to work through.  But even still I didn't edit.  I think part of it was that the last bit was written so quickly.  I knew that there was going to be so many typos that it may be illegible.  With dyslexia I have to be mindful when I am typing or words end up scrambled.  The other major part would be the fear of starting.  It seems like a weird fear to have to me.   But I finally started back at it.

    I needed to read through a few scenes to see how I handled things.  It turns out the end of the writing is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  I really enjoyed editing and reading through it today.  Some of it will need to be moved around as not all of it was put in the proper order.  But I still have much to read through to get back into the flow so I can write.

    I have been taking notes and working parts of the plot out in my mind for a few months now.  I finally feel like I have the order of certain events figured out.  It took too much time though.  I am happy to dip back into the actual writing.  Even though I haven't written much.  I read through some scenes and added sentences and edited spelling.  It was a good start.

    It was also one of my goals this season.  To work on my novel at least one hour each day.  Yeah I failed at that, but I did get some progress done.  I am excited from the little bit I did today.

    Well that is the end of my rambling.  What have you been working on lately?  How is your writing going?



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