April 21, 2015

Dream Dress Happy Dance!

Two bright pink roses.

    So yesterday night I got home exhausted from my day job to a fabulous surprise.  My package arrived!!   AHHHH!!!

    It was a long time before I started having a dream dress.  It was only in the last few years.  At first if asked all I could say was that my dream dress was basically any dress from Mary Magdalene.  I really love the look of their clothing.  When they came out with their first original print I wanted it.  To this day I'd still like to get Perfume Bottle Doll OP. Preferably in Lavender x White or Brown x Beige.

    Then there came a lovely dress from Kidsyoyo.  Voice of Music Violin Embroidery JSK.  I promised it to myself one semester if I passed my class.  My mistake was letting myself the dress would still be there at the end of the semester.  I would like to get it one day.  The burgundy one with the matching blouse.  So elegant and all those details.

    The third is a dress from Hell Bunny.  They have some great pieces that work perfectly with lolita fashion. I love foxes and they came out with Foxy 50s Dress in Mint.  There is even a matching cardigan.  This one is at least a little more attainable than the other two.

    Finally.  Earlier this moth at Anime Matsuri I was looking through the dresses in the vending room.  In Putumayo was looking through the dresses on the rack.  I liked the colors I saw on a piece and pulled it off to see the full dress.  It was perfect.  It was me.  It was elegant and detailed and I had just enough money to buy it on the spot, but I had to consider it and I was hungry.  Hunger always makes decision making harder.  If I bought it I would also have to be careful with food.  I looked over it a bit more and put it back on the rack.  I needed to eat.

    I still wanted the dress.  However there were a lot of small things I wanted to buy from artists and other stores.  So I put it off.  When I got back home i did not regret not getting it.  I still wanted it though and looked it up.  Tokyo Rebel had the dress in stock.  I had to wait for my pay day to get it.  I was going to have plenty to get it, but my awesome friend got it so it wouldn't be out of stock.  And here it is.

    I waited till I had slept to open it and try it on.  I was so happy to get it.  The dress looked just as good as it did at the convention.  Here are some pics!

 Tata for now,


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