May 1, 2015

May Try-Its

This month I will try . . .

    I signed up for the may Challenge on  I will try to write at least 750 words there every day.

    I also signed up for a pen pal at The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.  I love snail mail and I'd love to send more of it.

    I will aim to write at least 30,000 words for my novel this month.  If I am going to finish this draft before summer I am going to have to get a move on.

    I picked up some polymer clay on Wednesday.  I want to create something with it.  I also want to host a crafternoon.  Maybe May will be the month.

    There is a pile of boxes in the living room that needs to me gone through.  Time to do that.  If I go through one a day I should have it gone in no time.  

    I started reading a new book yesterday.  I'd like to finish it or one of the others I am reading by the end of the month.

    These are some of the things I am going to try to do this month.  What are you going to try your hands at?



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