May 16, 2015

My Growing Obsession with Polymer Clay

    Well after months of wanting to I finally got started on sculpting with polymer clay.  I don’t think I can stop now.  I like this craft a little too much for that.  They are starting to recognize me at the craft store.   lol

    I think I may have a new obsession.  Everyday I want to play with my clay.  I have managed to not do it every day though.  I would be out of clay if I did.

    I have started making some super cute snails based off of a doodle I have been doing for years that I call my minimalist snail.

    I am also curious if my snails will stand up to the weather if I put them in the garden.

They're coming to get you. lol . . . slowly

    I have also tried making a little prickly pear cactus in a pot.  It didn't come out in one piece but it is still so cute.  Flowers have been rather successful.  Especially roses.  I even made a flower with spiky little petals.
     I have done a whole bunch of searching on the internet for info and tutorials.   My roommates are also interested in polymer clay, so I have been letting them know all the lovely tidbits I find.  I look forward to all of us sitting around the table crafting.

    I am now doing experiments with scents.  I do hope it goes well.  I know people have done it before and I have found some promising info.

    It has been super fun playing with the polymer clay?  Have you ever tried it?  Tell me about some of the crafts you love.



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