June 1, 2015

June Try-Its 2015

    Hello there everyone!  June is here.  Do you have any goals?  Are there anythings you want to try out?

    It is never too late to learn something new.

    I had some great success with some of the things I set out to try last month.  I finished the challenge for  I made my goal of keeping a 30 day streak of French on  I got in contact with a possible pen pal through The International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.  It makes me feel good and I am ready to set a new list of things to attempt.

    I am feeling pretty good with my French practice so I am going to increase my practices.  In addition to continuing my streak on Duolingo I will be trying to write a little in french each day.  I picked up a small memo pad and I am going to try to write little poems in it.  I am very comfortable with the fact that my little French poems will be terrible.  I am also going to try reading some french blogs.  I saved a few lolita ones some time ago for this purpose.

    Writing letters is a great way to relax and slow down not to mention it is a really personal way to communicate with others.  I got some new cards to send out that have a little bike on them.  Just look at the image in this post to see them.  I want to try and send out at least two pieces of mail a week this month.  That is ten.  I can easily do it as long as I make the time to sit down and write.

    I took the challenge last month on 750words to write at least  750 words there everyday.  And I did it!  I promised myself a reward if I succeeded. To buy my very first chest binder.  I have been putting it off long enough.  I can't wait to get it.  Then I can get some boy cut shirts.  If I win this month I will get myself a lovely piece of art to put up on my wall.  Take a look at it here.  Check out the rest of the great art at that etsy shop too.  So many pretty things.

    Two of my friends want to cosplay at a convention coming up and I am going to join them.  So I want to make time to work on the cosplays we are going to do.  I also want to finish the shironuri outfit I wasn't able to finish for Anime Matsuri.  So in all I want to work on those.  Maybe I can share some progress pictures later in the month.

    There are a couple other things I am going to try this month.  I got a composition book to start writing things down about my dreams.  I want to try eating a little healthier.  And of course I want to make more polymer clay things.  Especially snails and maybe another hedgehog.  The above though are some of the ones I am going to focus on a little more this month.

    Spring will be coming to an end this month so it will be time to make another list of 13 goals.  Some of my spring goals have been super successful while other not so much.  Would you like to challenge yourself and set some goals for summer?  Or maybe just try something new this month?



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