June 22, 2015

Reading Web Comics

    I used to read comics every day in the news paper.  I had a few favorites that I always read and then several that I enjoyed reading on days I had more time.  Rose is Rose and Garfield were most certainty my favorite two.  Peanuts was a favorite right behind those two.  But it also felt very much like a classic.  I would wonder if there was any news paper that didn't have the Peanuts in it.

    Some of the others I really enjoyed (and practically read religiously) were Baldo, For Better or For Worse, Pickles, Family Circus, Zits, and Luann.  I really enjoyed the comics section.  But now a days I don't ever see the paper.  I should likely get links to some of my old favorites and start reading them again.  Years ago I started reading web comics. . . okay more like a decade and a half ago.  So today I thought I'd share what I have been reading lately.

    I actually haven't been reading very many web comics lately.  Even some of the ones that I really love I just haven't been keeping up with, though I know I will go back to reading them eventually.  There are three that I have been trying to keep up with on a mostly weekly basis.

Assigned Male Which is about a transgender girl named Stephie.

Robot Hugs Lots of cats.  This comic delves into subjects and issues of depression, mental illness, gender identity, sexuality, and did I mention cats.

Scandinavia and the World A comic about the spirits of countries and how they interact.  I have learned several things about the world, especially the Scandinavian countries.

    I really enjoy these web comics.  Check them out.  What are you reading lately?



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