June 25, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Hours of Cat Purrs

    There have been several brave Lolita's coming forward this week with their stories about John Leigh of Anime Matsuri.   If you haven't heard yet here are a few links.  A short compilation of info on TumblrMy Experience with Anime Matsuri and John Leigh by Chokelate of Lockshop Wigs. And a petition to  Revoke the Kawaii Ambassador titles from John and Deneice Leigh.

    That is a whole lot of negativity for one of my Thursday posts.  I try to keep my TiLT posts positive and happy, but please take a moment to look over the information.  Even if you are not in the lolita community I ask you to please take a look and consider signing the petition.

    Okay no more negativity in this post.  I promise.  For starters here is 9 hours (no you do not have to watch or listen to it all) of cat purrs.  So relax.  zzzzzzzz   And now to the rest of my glorious happy list!

    So what have you been gushing over this week or the last few?  



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