July 6, 2015

July Try-Its & Goals

    This month should be rather interesting.  And hopefully fun with San Japan at the end.  I will be cosplaying with a couple friends at the con.  I am also hoping to finish a new shironuri outfit.  There will be lots of prep work this month. But I'd still like to try some things out.

    A lot of the things I am going to be working on this month are far more like goals than things I want to try to do.  I want to write more this month, both here and on my novel.  I have a few ideas for posts here, but I am certainly open to suggestions.

    I also need to prep for San Japan.  I have clothing to finish and at least one prop to build.  Tehe♫   That should prove to be challenging.  I want to take plenty of pictures while I am there.

    One of my goals this year is to refresh my math knowledge, study the rest of Calculus, and learn differential equations.  Some people are probably screaming nerd right now.  I do not care.  I like math.  Don't get me wrong it can be really tough, especially when I haven't kept up my studies.  So this month I need to get back into working with math.  There are plenty of ways to do that.

    As for try-its:

  • Origami animals and flowers 
  • Putting up wall art 
  • Read more 
    What are you going to work on this month?  


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