July 9, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Snail Mail!

    Who doesn't' like snail mail that is not bills?  Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail?  Especially when it is something you ordered and have been waiting for.  I got a letter from one of my Lolita friends.  Such cute stationary.  I also ordered some things this week that came in.  A sweater for am upcoming cosplay along with some fabulous boots I am going to have to mod for another cosplay.  Tehe.  I am thinking of ordering another pair of the boots to keep as is.  I rather like them.  I also got my new chest binder!!! EEEE!!! The first one was too small.  I am super excited to start wearing it.

    For more of my excitability keep reading . . .
    My roommate and I went to the craft store the other day so I could get some more polymer clay.  They had 2 dollar grab bags.  They were all in plastic shopping bags so we could get an idea of what kinds of things were in them.  We brought a few home.  We have so much beautiful stationary and note cards now.  We also have several other crafty odds and ends.  Time for a crafternoon.♫

   I also ordered Gala Darling's book Radical Self Love.  It is now in the stack of books.  I am so excited to start reading it.  I had previously ordered two of the chapters from her previous project that was released as separate audio files.  But enough of all this.  On to the list.

    Tata ya'll.  I hope your week was fun.  Please let me know about it in the comments.  



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