August 21, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Air Conditioning

    This week was a bit rough.  The AC broke and in Texas that can be unpleasant.  However, the AC is now working and I still had a lot of fun this week.  So here are this weeks things I love.
    This post is a day late, but that is okay.  I can tell you these lists make a huge difference in how I feel overall and the things I actually remember.  The good things used to fade into the background of way too many bad things.  Making a gratitude list every week helped me to actually remember the happy thoughts and as such I was actually happier.  It is by no means a cure for sadness or depression, it is however a step that anyone can take to get better.  This however is a topic for another day.  

    Let us know what you have smiled about lately.  

 See you in the comments, 


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