August 27, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Humdrum Hunger Games

    I read The Hunger Games over the summer along with a group of friends.  I really enjoyed the ride.  And it is always better to have friends to talk to about books.  Last night we got to view the movie together.  I however didn't see the end.  I was bored.  So bored.  It felt like they were just trying to cram everything in as quickly as they could.  It was fun to watch with friends though.  We made a few cracks at the movie.

    I am glad I saw at least part of it though.  I will be reading the next two books, but I'll pass on the movies.  I have a lot to be happy about this week.  OR at least I feel like I do.  I am in such a good mood.

    Well that was a part of my week.  I am also enjoying Super Better.  How is your week going?  



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