August 13, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Masala Chai

    I am still not unpacked from the trip.  I got a good bit done yesterday though because I needed a belt to wear.  Motivation for the little tasks can be difficult.  I need to set it up so that I have podcasts to listen to while I work.  Anyway I have a list of things I loved.  Some from this week and some from last.  We had so much fun on our trip and GISHWHES was exciting.  I want to do ten times better next year, but I suspect that there are some things we can do before then.  Anywho on to the list!
  • Playing with my nephew 
  • Cereal 
  • Reading!  
  • While we are talking about the Hunger Games.  I can finally start reading the last three chapters.  WEEEEEEEE!!!! 
  • Trying new morning routines and finding activities I truly enjoy.  
  • Getting to watch the ducks swimming in San Antonio at the hotel we stayed at for the con.  
  • Having a family I can depend on to pick me up when I need the help.  (I feel this week and couldn't get up by myself.  I am fin though.)
  • And on that subject Ice packs.  
  • The best Masala Chai I have ever had in my possession.  My roommate and I are totally spoiled now.  the only place we will be able to enjoy chai now other than at home is in an Indian restaurant.   
  • Table top gaming
  • D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) 
  • Forbidden Desert 
  • Antics, shenanigans, and just general silliness.  Death to Normalcy.  
  • Music♫ 
  • Tea time 
  • Carrying my nephew around.  
  • Daydreaming 
  • The roses blooming in the backyard.  
    It is a great practice to think about things that make you happy.  It is one of the first things I suggest to people to shift their perspective and get themselves in a happier place mentally.  So here is my question for all of you.  

    What are at least three things that made you happy this week?  If you cant think of three things from this week, think of three things from the month or the season.    

    Alright then.  Have a fabulous day.  



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