September 4, 2015

September Try-Its and Goals

    Well we are half a week into September.  I have a few goals and things to try for myself.  How about you?

    Do you have any hobbies you want to try your hand at?  Movies you want to see?  Friends you've been meaning to hang with?    Let me know.  It is so awesome to share.  Whether they are goals, to dos, or whatever.

    So here are the four main things I have for this month.  there are tons of other little things, but some of them are a little too personal or I just don't feel like they are worth mentioning.

Create More Art

    I love art and I consider myself an artist.  I want to create more art.  Writing, clay, paper, music.  Art is a bit like dancing to me and dancing is a bit like breathing to me.

Do 750 Words as many days as possible

    I wanted to do the challenge this month, but I have been running myself ragged.  Falling asleep from exhaustion.  So I will do my words as many days as I can.

Get Vixen Comics

    I found out about this character from a tweet.  And from just the page they shared I wanted to know more about the character.  I am not a comic book nerd so it is hard for me to find out where things and characters are from on my own.  I was supper lucky that people on twitter were happy to let me know.


    My friend and housemate got into KonMari and it looks really promising to me.  I am gonna give it a good try.

    So all, whatcha up to this month?



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