September 20, 2015

The 13 Seasonal Goals Challenge

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    Schools are starting back up and for many people this signals the end of summer.  It may be the end of summer vacation, however autumn is not here yet.

    Autumn starts on September 23rd this year.  And on that day I will start another  13 seasonal goals challenge.

    Why let the days go by unnoticed?  Why let the seasonal events and activities fly by with out being enjoyed?  This autumn is ours for the taking.  There are scores of things to try.  Would you like to start your own adventure for autumn?  

     Then keep reading.

     The idea of the 13 seasonal goals challenge is not only to enjoy the season, but also to learn new things and achieve goals that make you happy.  Some friends and I created some guidelines to help keep each persons list diverse and interesting.  You can always choose to ignore the guidelines though and do your own thing.  But before we go on lets take a look at them.

  • 1 of the items should be personally challenging 
  • 1 of the items should be a financial goal 
  • 1 item should benefit someone else (volunteer time, donate, or maybe tutor someone) 
  • 1 item should be something you are doing for the first time 
  • 2 or more items should involve a group or being social 
  • 3 or more items should be based on the season
  • 3 or more items should be creative 
  • 3 or more items should make you smile 
   Don't let that confuse you.  There does not need to be one item for each of the numbers up there.  That would give you a list of 15 goals.  You only need to create 13 goals for this challenge.  And it isn't as hard as it may sound.  

    Theoretically one goal could cover several or even all of the guidelines up there.  A friend of mine set a goal to organize a charity event and depending on how she does it it could very likely fulfill all of the categorizes.

    So what could you do?  More importantly what would you like to do?  Have you been putting something off?  We don't live forever.  And life is so much better when we live it for ourselves.  Would you like to join me in this challenge?

    If so, pull out a pen and paper or open a text document and start jotting down some ides for what you would like to do.

 Until later,


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