October 26, 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015 Is Coming

    Can you smell it?

    Pumpkin spice is everywhere.

Vintage, colored art of child holding a jack-o-lantern which reads Halloween Greetings
Image from The Graphics Fairy
    Maybe the leaves are changing where you are. Maybe Autumn and Halloween are getting into full swing.  And that can mean only one thing.

    No!  No, not Christmas.  Sooner than that.  lol


    That's write!  I mean right.   hahahaha♪

    Sharpen your pencils.  Stock up on you beverages and snacks of choice.  We got a butt load of writing to do.

Vintage, black and white drawing of assorted books and stationary tools.
Image from Antique Images

    There are plenty of things we can do to prepare for the adventure in creativity ahead of us.  Stock up one food (for yourself and your furry roommates), make a back up plan (no one likes losing thousands of words of work let alone tens of thousands of words of work),  decide how you are going to tackle your project. (Are you a pantser or planer or something in between)

    Are you ready.  Because I certainly am not.  But we still have some time to get ready.  And I am sure the great folks over at the Office of Letters and Lights have plenty waiting for us to sink or creative teeth into.

    So what are we standing around here for lets go prep for the month ahead!

Grey blue background.  loose sheets of paper and quill in an ink well.  Hands writing in a notebook.  Words in image read NaNoWriMo 2015 Participant.
Image from NaNoWriMo


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