October 3, 2015

Quick Break From Realmscon

My roommate took a pic of my Friday outfit.
I played around with the color and saturation.

    Conventions take a lot of energy.  Walking, rushing, trying to remember to eat and drink enough water.  Trying not to over exert yourself.  If you are wearing constrictive clothing like a corset or a chest binder you have to be careful.  Friday I felt good.  A nice flat chest to wear a thrifted boys shirt I picked to go with my steam punk.  I am having a lot of fun with this hobby and there are lots of nice people.  Great crafters and builders that are happy to talk shop and trade tips.

    But for me that is one of the parts that is difficult.  Like many introverts I can't be around lots of people for long periods of time without loosing energy.  So it is always nice to be able to step away and check out for a bit.  Or to go to a nice quiet place with very few people.  So here I sit at home taking a break.

    I was super excited the moment I saw the sign for Tasty Peach Studios in the dealers room.  I have been eyeing the zombie alpacas since I saw them at Matsuri.  (I almost can't believe I have been to three cons this year.  I feel so lucky.)  So I didn't even check out everything else they had at the table I bought one of the cuties right away.  It has these adorable evil or mischievous eyes.

    I am also thinking about picking up a piece of armor from Airship Isabella.  It is so pretty.  So pretty.  Airship Isabella is awesome and so inclusive.  I always feel safe and able to be myself around them.

    Well that is all for now.  Maybe I'll tel you all a little more about the convention tomorrow.


P.S. There is a Lolita Fashion Show Sunday at 2pm at Realmscon.  :)


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