October 8, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Tiny Pumpkin Patch

    The weekend was great.  The week was busy.  I am so glad I had time to recuperate.

  • Polymer clay 
  • Steampunk 
  • Getting to see the members of Airship Isabella again 
  • Meeting other crafters and builders that live int he same town as me 
  • Playing with toys 
  • Terraria 
  • Octopus plushies.  I have this cute little crocheted blue one on my desk.  
  • Having awesome roommates and friends 
  • KonMari 
  • Making tiny pumpkins out of clay 
  • More clay snails than you can shake a stick at.  
  • Taking fun pictures.  

  • Bullet journals and other things that help me finish all the things.  
  • Great web comics 
  • Getting a great compliment 
  • Receiving unexpected little gifts.  
  • Falling in love with a piece of art.  
    There really was a lot to be thankful for this week.  And even though I had a lot of trouble with my depression it was a great week.  I hope your week is going well too.  

    If you have not tried your hand at writing a gratitude list I suggest you give it a try.  It can be very private or between yourself and a few friends.  

    I am not the only one who does this TiLT (Things I Love Thursday) post thing.  Heather from The Nerdy Fox and several other make great lists too.  Heather & her blogging friend Kimi have a great link up that you can check out.

The Nerdy Fox

    Until later keep having fun.


P.S.  I have some music that I haven't added to my lists lately so I'll add it all to next weeks post.  Is there any great music you think I should give a listen to?  


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