October 30, 2015

Where Did October Go?

Vintage, colored art of child holding a jack-o-lantern which reads Halloween Greetings
Image from The Graphics Fairy

    Oh October, where did you go?  I really just feels like it has been September all month.  I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Halloween.

    I almost feel cheated.  I love the time around Halloween.  Seeing the decorations and checking out outfits and other things at the store.  And we have done some of those things.  But they felt like disconnected moments In an ongoing September feel.

    Maybe next year I will have to take initiative and be sure that decorations go up and that we have fun and spooky activities to do during the month.

    Well for now all I can do is enjoy what is left of the month and be ready for November.  I remember when I fist moved out as an adult with two other friends.  We split up decorating and planning for holidays.  One room mate got Halloween.  IT was her favorite holiday so it was a natural choice to let her have it.  The other room mat took Christmas.  I wanted Thanksgiving.  I love the autumn decor and the food.

    So perhaps that is what I will do.  Decorate and celebrate and spread so autumny joy.

    How did your October go?  And what do you want to do in the next month.



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