November 30, 2015

November Favorites

    November has been a rough month.   Through some unpleasant circumstances I have lost my day job.   The good thing is this opens up my time and energy to things I would rather be doing anyway,  however it also means my finances from here on out are uncertain at best.  
Still I have found some things that I and particularly  fond of.   So here goes,  my list of favorite things this November.

Card game:  Skip-Bo

    I got to play this game with my best friend over the Thanksgiving weekend.   It is pretty easy to pick up and it can be a lot of fun it's also flexible so you can play a short game or you can sit down for a longer game.   I’d definitely like to grab a copy of the game myself  for at home.

 Cookies:  Orange Chocolate Milano

    I have not seen these cookies in store for a couple of years, they are my favorite flavor of Milano cookies.  When they started carrying them at the local grocery store again I was so happy.  This is something I've seen before and eaten before, but I was just so happy they were back.  I hope they stay for a long time.  If you like orange chocolate then definitely try these, they are really nice for dipping in tea.

A fun photo taken by a housemate.  Because you deserve fun pictures.  

Entertainment:  Broadway musicals

    Okay here's another thing my BFF turned me on to.   Turns out my BFF that I spent Thanksgiving with is a total Broadway musical nerd; which is awesome.  I ended up stopping my crafting so I could watch Legally Blonde the musical with her.   I enjoyed the movie when I watched it many many years ago and I rather like how they altered the story for the stage play.  I also have a lot of Alexander Hamilton music pieces stuck in my head.  

Food:  Fried Okra &  Sweet Potato Pie

    Okay so this month I got to see both my best friends.   And on both visits I got to enjoy foods that I love.  Much like the cookies, I have encountered both before this month I just really got to enjoy them this month.   I got to see my other BFF ( yes I have two of them)  the other weekend and we had dinner at this nice little burger joint.   I saw fried okra on the menu and the lady asked me when I ordered my sandwich if I wanted to make that a combo.   I asked her what came with the combo.  My options were french fries, chips,  and one other thing that I can't remember.  I told the lady ‘really I just wanted the fried okra’ and boom it was no problem at all.  It probably helps that it was a little local place.  At so many of the chains they're locked into what they can put in with the combos, but it is pretty simple and there shouldn't be any problem just doing okra instead of fries.   And it came with so much okra.  I ended up taking okra as leftovers I love fried okra.  

    When I spent Thanksgiving with my BFF and her mom last year, her mom mage sweet potato pie.  I knew I liked it, but had never tasted one homemade.  Yep I was ruined.   So my only request this Thanksgiving when they ask what foods I wanted was sweet potato pie.  Cranberry sauce was kind of an afterthought and everyone else wanted it anyway.   mmmm  sweet potato pie.   I even got to take one home.   So now I'm going to get to have my roommates try it to.  

Crafting:  Polymer Clay

    Okay that's it!  I am totally head over heels in love with this art.   and I feel like I've gotten fairly proficient at creating things with this art.   There are still lots of things that I can't do yet.   But there are so many things I can do.   I've always had a knack for ingenuity.   Which is a great skill to have because you can then take what you know and go ‘hm I should be able to apply it in this way to achieve something like this’ and then you test it out.   Which also means that you're using the scientific method in a sense.   Hypothesis,  careful experiment,  results,  conclusion.   And I think I'm doing a wonderful job at it.   A lot of my friends are excited when I have new pieces that I have worked on and they're excited to see them and to look at even the little details that I have added in.   Even better they have suggestions and ideas for me to try.   And this just fully throwing myself into an art is also a way of building relationships, community, and meeting new people.   So yeah, I am head over heels in love with polymer clay.

A pair of fish bowl made with polymer clay.  

    So those are the things that I really loved this month.  They're not all the things that made me happy, but they're definitely some of my favorites.  Maybe I missed a few; some things just fall through the cracks.  I could probably go back to the Things I love Thursday post for the 5th of November and there are probably some things in there that I really love.  

    Now that I think about it, in addition to losing my job this month I also spent a lot of time in pain.  I had a medical issue, I don't want to talk about the details, that made a lot of things really hard for me to do and handle.  In fact, only this past weekend was I released from a restriction on how much I was allowed to pick up and carry.   I'm hoping that I can build my strength back up now and hopefully that'll be the end of that issue and I'll get better.   

    On that subject I do have to mention that I'm super grateful and thankful for all the amazing supportive people in my life.  My family; all of them! the ones that live with me, my roommates, my two best friends and their families who are basically my family- no they are my family.  A lot of friends have been willing help me out with thing and just generally been supportive I'm super grateful and I'm looking forward to December I'm also hoping it'll be easier than November was.   

    So now I have a question for you.   What were your favorite things this month?   Was there anything in particular that you just enjoyed so much?   Did you have to deal with anything that was really hard to deal with?   Let me know in the comments or send me an email, just check  my about page.   Or if you do a monthly favorite blog post or video go ahead and put a link for me in the comments and I'll go check it out.   Here's hoping that all of you at least had something wonderful in your November. And here's wishing you all fabulous December.  


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