November 26, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Happy Turkey Day

    Today in the United States it is Thanksgiving.  For many of us that means food and family.  It means being thankful for what we have.  Being thankful is a great practice.  So instead of just enjoying the meal, how about asking everyone about something they enjoyed that year.  Don't judge anyone's answers.  Just enjoy yourselves and share.

    However, there are many in the United States who can't fully enjoy this family oriented holiday.  For LGBTQ youth it is not uncommon to be rejected by their families.  I recently learned about this group Your Holiday Mom.  They write accepting letters for LGBTQ youth starting today Thanksgiving Day til the new year.  Check them out and pass the link along so it finds someone who may need it.  Also for those, not only in the LGBTQ community, who have found themselves estranged from or needing to estrange themselves from their blood family.  Just know that you can choose your own family.  Find people who are accepting of you and supportive of you and people you can accept and be supportive of.  And with that I am so grateful for my own family.

    Well I almost can't beleive it has been a whole week.  I have been taking things one step at a time and vanishing in to the world of typing madly for NaNoWriMo.  Which I will soon need to return to if I want to hit my word count.

    I have joined in on the fun of a weekly Things I Love Thursday link up party run by Kimi and Heather.  Check them out.   
The Nerdy Fox

    Have fun. And where ever today finds you have a great day!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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