November 5, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Zombie Alpaca Cuddles

    There's been a lot of fun things this week.   However,  I am again a little bit unwell.   I was really worried that it might have been the infection I had a couple weeks ago coming back.   I am super grateful that is not.   My roommates,  my family,  have been a great help and very supportive.   And there is still so much I am happy about this week.   Without my regular gratitude lists I don't think I would have as positive a mindset.   On to the list.

     So tell me about your week.  Was it good?  Were there any downers?  Were there any awesome things you'd love to share?

    I'm taking part in a weekly blog linkup centered around Things I love Thursday.   It is always great to find out what other people are loving.   And it is so much fun to share in the joy with everyone.   Please check out the Nerdy Fox and all the other great blogs that join in this linkup party.
The Nerdy Fox



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