December 1, 2015

December Try-Its & Goals

    Alright folks it's a new month.   December is here and I am ready.   Every month I like to try and set a few goals or try-its which are things I want to try to do so they're less solid than goals  or maybe  less urgent.   But they are still things that I'd like to do.   So here are this month’s things to try.

    First off, I have one actual goal for this month and that is to complete the 750 words monthly challenge.

As for things I want to try they are as follows:

  1. I want to try selling some of my polymer clay creations 
  2. I want to try selling some baked goods to make some money 
  3. I want to get my hands on some recipes for the bread machine we have.
  4. I also want to adjust my diet to include more foods that would help fight some of the regular problems I deal with.  

    Those are some of the things I'm going to go ahead and try to do this month.   Are there any things you want to give a try to this month?   Are there any challenges you're participating in?   Big projects?  Are you just going to try and survive the holiday season?  As usual let me know in the comments.  I'd love to hear what you are up to.   And until next time, tata♫



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