December 17, 2015

Things I Love Thursday: Bike Rides

    I am certainty feeling better after being sick much of last month.  I went on my first good bike ride Tuesday.  I even found a road that had a good stretch that went down hill.  Those can be exhilarating.  Also on that trip I stopped here and there to take pictures.  It was all over a lot of fun.  Good exercise too.  Which is a good way to pick up your mood.  Anyway today is Thursday.  You know what that means right?  Gratitude lists!
    I am not the only person out there who does TiLT posts.  I recently joined a link up party with other bloggers that do just that.  This linkup party is hosted by Kimi and Heather.  Check them and others out to see more wonderful things and as always please share what has brought you joy.

The Nerdy Fox

    Also if there is any self-doubt or sadness in your life please enjoy a few minutes of this adorable kitty parade.    

 Tata till later,


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