January 6, 2016

4 Great Places to Learn Something New Online

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    I love learning.  I would say it is a major feature of my personality.  And with the power of the internet there are so many topics to choose from.  Do you want to learn something?  Here are four projects that are making learning accessible to the public.

Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is great!  I found this project one day when I was studying physics.  I was tired of reading and wanted to see if someone had done a video on the particular subject matter.  That was the day I found Khan Academy.  Today they have math subjects that span from learning to count and tell time on a clock all the way up to

    wait for it

Recreational math.  We are talking about stuff I can't even try to do yet.  It makes me so excited to know that they will not run out of things for me to study.  I love math!!!!!

    And if you are not in love with math do not fret.  First of all they teach in in videos that you can pause and replay.  Hard to do that with a teacher.  They also have plenty of practice, for the math at least, that comes with hints and assistance if you get stuck.

    But they are not just a place to learn math.  They have lots of videos on the sciences, including physics, chemistry, and biology.  There are also great videos on economics and finances.  Plus, their topics also include the arts and humanities.

    They have a bountiful collection of partner content including, The Museum of Modern Art, NASA, and Crash Course.  Which brings me to another educational project I wanted to cover.

Crash Course

    Crash Course is a channel on YouTube.  It is pretty frickin awesome!  I could tell you about it, but instead take a look at what the +vlogbrothers have to say.

    If you go to their playlists you can easily see the different topics covered.  I am enjoying Astronomy.  I was really excited when I saw that it was Phil Plait covering the topic.


    DuoLingo is a project I found out about from watching Ted Talks.  Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration.  I was intrigued.  "Duolingo is the free science-based language education platform . . ."  It is a fun, entertaining method of learning a language with several different languages available and several others in beta testing.  What languages are there to learn here?  Irish, Spanish, French, German, and even Esperanto.  And like I said there are lots so go check and see if there is something you'd love to learn from DuoLingo. Bonus, English is not the only starting language.


    Now here is one I have yet to have the opportunity to try.  But, I have heard good things about Coursera.  And the idea of following the course work of a major universitie sounds kind of exciting if not just a little intimidating.  If I remember correctly you can also get certificates through them.  Like I said I haven't used this one yet so I am not as familiar with all the content and the usability of it.  Check out their about page for more details.  And DO let me know if you decide to try them out or if you already have.

    So, are you interested in learning something?  What is it?  Have you found a way to study it?  Do you have any projects to add to this list.



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